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Some demean those who are interested in serial killers, but what could be an uglier piece of human history than war and yet the USA is filled with war enthusiasts who  even belong to clubs that re-enact famous bloody battles from the Civil War and the first two World Wars.  Killing is killing and death is the final result.  As for reasons? They are meaningless.  Any cause will do--at least that's what any serial killer worth his salt will tell you.


Let's face it. For whatever deep mysterious reason, many Americans have a taste for the macabre--whether it is pretending to be a confederate soldier for one afternoon, or purchasing some item that once belonged to a serial killer or a Nazi or a Civil War Veteran.  


Learn all about serial killers—from who they are to why they did it.  Although as to their motives, we can only speculate in most cases.  We all have the opportunity to be one, yet most of us choose not to.  Did you ever wonder why?   Perhaps we are not as different from them as we would like to think.  Perhaps as with many human behaviors, there is only a thin line that separates us from "them."  Perhaps if we had gotten one more scolding from a teacher. . . Perhaps if our parents had died when we were three years old.  . .   The point is we most likely can never know for certain our fullest potential for evil since we are not the one dealing those cards in the game of chance we call "life."


What is a Serial Killer?

According to Scott Bonn, PhD and an expert on serial killers, the behavioral criteria to define serial homicide for the purposes of his research:

            1. At least three murdered victims.
            2. The murders take place in separate events, at different times.
            3. The killer experiences an emotional cooling off period between murders.

The key distinction between serial killers and mass or spree killers is this emotional cooling off period in which the killer blends back into his/her seemingly normal life. The predator reemerges to strike again when the urge to kill becomes overwhelming. 

Sexual Preferences of Serial Killers

Sexual preference is somewhat irrelevant to the designation of a person as a serial killer although it does seem that  heterosexual males tend to choose women for their victims while homosexual men tend to choose men and children.  In the 24 killers currently featured on this site, ten of them are homosexuals, twenty-three of them are heterosexuals and one is bisexual.  More than sex, it seems that control and dominance are primary motivating factors.